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The Platters’ Songs on video

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(You’ve Got) The Magic Touch – The Platters
Earth Angel – The Platters
Enchanted – The Platters
Great Pretender – The Platters
Harbour Lights – The Platters
He’s Mine – The Platters
Heaven On Earth – The Platters
I’ll Never Smile Again – The Platters
I’m Sorry – The Platters
If I Didn’t Care – The Platters
It Isn’t Right – The Platters
Magic Touch – The Platters
My Dream – The Platters
My Prayer – The Platters
On My Word Of Honor – The Platters
One In A Million – The Platters
Only You – The Platters
Platters Medley – The Platters
Red Sails In The Sunset – The Platters
Remember When – The Platters
Sleepy Lagoon – The Platters
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – The Platters
The Great Pretender – The Platters
To Each His Own – The Platters
Twilight Time – The Platters
Unchained Melody – The Platters
Who Put The Bop In The Bop Shoo Bop – The Platters
With This Ring – The Platters
You’ll Never Know – The Platters


All Songs by Genesis on video

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…In That Quiet Earth – Genesis
A Place To Call My Own – Genesis
A Trick Of The Tail – Genesis
A Winter’s Tale – Genesis
Abacab – Genesis
After The Ordeal – Genesis
Afterglow – Genesis
Aisle Of Plenty – Genesis
Alien Afternoon – Genesis
All In A Mouse’s Night – Genesis
Alone Tonight – Genesis
Am I Very Wrong? – Genesis
Another Record – Genesis
Anything Now – Genesis
Anything She Does – Genesis
Anyway – Genesis
Back In N.Y.C. – Genesis
Ballad Of Big – Genesis
Banjo Man – Genesis
Behind The Lines – Genesis
Blood On The Rooftops – Genesis
Broadway Melody Of 1974 – Genesis
Build Me A Mountain – Genesis
Burning Rope – Genesis
Calling All Stations – Genesis
Can-Utility And The Coastliners – Genesis
Congo – Genesis
Counting Out Time – Genesis
Cuckoo Cocoon – Genesis
Cul-De-Sac – Genesis
Dance On A Volcano – Genesis
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight – Genesis
Deep In The Motherlode – Genesis
Do The Neurotic – Genesis
Dodo – Genesis
Domino – Genesis
Down And Out – Genesis
Dreaming While You Sleep – Genesis
Driving The Last Spike – Genesis
Drum Duet – Genesis
Duchess – Genesis
Duke’s End – Genesis
Duke’s Travels – Genesis
Dusk – Genesis
Eleventh Earl Of Mar – Genesis
Entangled – Genesis
Evidence Of Autumn – Genesis
Evil Jam – Genesis
Fading Lights – Genesis
Feeding The Fire – Genesis
Fireside Song – Genesis
Firth Of Fifth – Genesis
Fly On A Windshield – Genesis
Follow You Follow Me – Genesis
For Absent Friends – Genesis
Get ‘Em Out By Friday – Genesis
Going Out To Get You – Genesis
Guide Vocal – Genesis
Hair On The Arms And Legs – Genesis
Hairless Heart – Genesis
Happy The Man – Genesis
Harlequin – Genesis
Harold The Barrel – Genesis
Hearts On Fire – Genesis
Heathaze – Genesis
Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist – Genesis
Hey! – Genesis
Hidden In The World Of Dawn – Genesis
Hold On My Heart – Genesis
Home By The Sea – Genesis
Horizons – Genesis
I Can’t Dance – Genesis
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) – Genesis
I’d Rather Be You – Genesis
If That’s What You Need – Genesis
Illegal Alien – Genesis
Image Blown Out – Genesis
In Hiding – Genesis
In Limbo – Genesis
In The Air Tonight – Genesis
In The Beginning – Genesis
In The Cage – Genesis
In The Rapids – Genesis
In The Wilderness – Genesis
In Too Deep – Genesis
Inside And Out – Genesis
Invisible Touch – Genesis
It – Genesis
It’s Gonna Get Better – Genesis
It’s Yourself – Genesis
Jesus He Knows Me – Genesis
Just A Job To Do – Genesis
Keep It Dark – Genesis
Land Of Confusion – Genesis
Let Us Now Make Love – Genesis
Like It Or Not – Genesis
Lilywhite Lilith – Genesis
Living Forever – Genesis
Looking For Someone – Genesis
Los Endos – Genesis
Lurker – Genesis
Mad Man Moon – Genesis
Mama – Genesis
Man Of Our Times – Genesis
Man On The Corner – Genesis
Many Too Many – Genesis
Match Of The Day – Genesis
Me And Sarah Jane – Genesis
Me And Virgil – Genesis
Misunderstanding – Genesis
More Fool Me – Genesis
Never A Time – Genesis
No Reply At All – Genesis
No Son Of Mine – Genesis
Not About Us – Genesis
On The Shoreline – Genesis
One Day – Genesis
One For The Vine – Genesis
One Man’s Fool – Genesis
One-Eyed Hound – Genesis
Open Door – Genesis
Pacidy – Genesis
Papa He Said – Genesis
Paperlate – Genesis
Pigeons – Genesis
Please Don’t Ask – Genesis
Ravine – Genesis
Riding The Scree – Genesis
Ripples – Genesis
Robbery, Assault and Battery – Genesis
Run Out Of Time – Genesis
Say It’s Alright Joe – Genesis
Scenes From A Night’s Dream – Genesis
Sea Bee – Genesis
Second Home By The Sea – Genesis
Seven Stones – Genesis
She’s So Beautiful – Genesis
Shipwrecked – Genesis
Sign Your Life Away – Genesis
Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats – Genesis
Silent Sun – Genesis
Silver Rainbow – Genesis
Since I Lost You – Genesis
Small Talk – Genesis
Snowbound – Genesis
Squonk – Genesis
Stagnation – Genesis
Supper’s Ready – Genesis
Taking It All Too Hard – Genesis
Tell Me Why – Genesis
That’s All – Genesis
That’s Me – Genesis
The Battle Of Epping Forest – Genesis
The Brazilian – Genesis
The Carpet Crawlers – Genesis
The Chamber Of 32 Doors – Genesis
The Cinema Show – Genesis
The Colony Of Slippermen – Genesis
The Conqueror – Genesis
The Day The Light Went Out – Genesis
The Dividing Line – Genesis
The Fountain Of Salmacis – Genesis
The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging – Genesis
The Knife – Genesis
The Lady Lies – Genesis
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway – Genesis
The Lamia – Genesis
The Light Dies Down On Broadway – Genesis
The Magic Of Time – Genesis
The Musical Box – Genesis
The Mystery Of The Flannan Isle Lighthouse – Genesis
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed – Genesis
The Serpent – Genesis
The Shepherd – Genesis
The Waiting Room – Genesis
There Must Be Some Other Way – Genesis
Throwing It All Away – Genesis
Time Table – Genesis
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight – Genesis
Turn It On Again – Genesis
Twilight Alehouse – Genesis
Uncertain Weather – Genesis
Undertow – Genesis
Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers… – Genesis
Vancouver – Genesis
Visions Of Angels – Genesis
Watcher Of The Skies – Genesis
Way Of The World – Genesis
Where The Sour Turns To Sweet – Genesis
White Mountain – Genesis
Who Dunnit? – Genesis
Window – Genesis
Wot Gorilla? – Genesis
You Might Recall – Genesis
Your Own Special Way – Genesis

Yes – List of all songs on video

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A Venture – Yes
Abilene – Yes
Agree To Agree – Yes
All in All – Yes
Almost Like Love – Yes
Amazing Grace – Yes
America – Yes
And You And I – Yes
And You And I I: Cord Of Life – Yes
And You And I Ii: Eclipse – Yes
And You And I Iii: The Preacher The Teacher – Yes
And You And I Iv: Apocalypse – Yes
Angkor Wat – Yes
Apocalypse – Yes
Arriving Ufo – Yes
Astral Traveller – Yes
Awaken – Yes
Be The One I: The One – Yes
Be The One Ii: Humankind – Yes
Be The One Iii: Skates – Yes
Beyond & Before – Yes
Beyond And Before – Yes
Big Generator – Yes
Birthright – Yes
Bring Me to The Power – Yes
Brother of Mine – Yes
Can I? – Yes
Can You Imagine – Yes
Cans And Brahms – Yes
Changes – Yes
Children of Light – Yes
Cinema – Yes
Circus Of Heaven – Yes
City Of Love – Yes
Clear Days – Yes
Close To The Edge I: The Solid Time Of Change – Yes
Close To The Edge Ii: Total Mass Retain – Yes
Close To The Edge Iii: I Get Up I, Get Down – Yes
Close To The Edge Iv: Seasons Of Man – Yes
Close to The Edge – Yes
Circus Of Heaven – Yes
Cord of Life – Yes
Crossfire – Yes
Dangerous (Look In The Light Of What You’re Searching For) – Yes
Dear Father – Yes
Death of Ego – Yes
Deeper – Yes
Does It Really Happen? – Yes
Don’t Go – Yes
Don’t Kill The Whale – Yes
Dont Kill The Whale – Yes
Dreamtime – Yes
Eclipse – Yes
Endless Dream – Yes
Endless Dream I: Silent Spring – Yes
Endless Dream Ii: Talk – Yes
Endless Dream Iii: Endless Dream – Yes
Evensong – Yes
Every Little Thing – Yes
Everydays – Yes
Excerpts from ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ – Yes
Face to Face – Yes
Final Eyes – Yes
Finally – Yes
Fist of Fire – Yes
Five Per Cent For Nothing – Yes
Foot Prints – Yes
Fortune Seller – Yes
From The Balcony – Yes
Future Times – Yes
Give And Take – Yes
Give Love Each Day – Yes
Going For The One – Yes
Harold Land – Yes
Heart Of The Sunrise – Yes
Hearts – Yes
Hold On – Yes
Holding On – Yes
Holy Lamb – Yes
Homeworld – Yes
How Did Heaven Begin – Yes
Humankind – Yes
I Am A Camera – Yes
I Am Waiting – Yes
I Get Up, I Get Down – Yes
I See You – Yes
I Would Have Waited Forever – Yes
I’m Running – Yes
I’ve Seen All Good People – Yes
If Only You Knew – Yes
Ii All Good People – Yes
Ii Disillusion – Yes
In the Presence of: Deeper/Death of Ego/True Beginner/Turn Around and R – Yes
Into The Lens – Yes
It Can Happen – Yes
It Will Be A Good Day (The River) – Yes
Leave It – Yes
Let’s Pretend – Yes
Lift Me Up – Yes
Lightning Strikes – Yes
Long Distance Runaround – Yes
Looking Around – Yes
Love Conquers All – Yes
Love Shine – Yes
Love Will Find A Way – Yes
Machine Messiah – Yes
Madrigal – Yes
Magnification – Yes
Make It Easy – Yes
Man in The Moon – Yes
Masquerade – Yes
Mind Drive – Yes
Miracle Of Life – Yes
Money – Yes
Mood For A Day – Yes
New Language – Yes
New State of Mind – Yes
Nine Voices – Yes
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed – Yes
No Way We Can Lose – Yes
On The Silent Wings Of Freedom – Yes
Onward – Yes
Open Your Eyes – Yes
Opening (Excerpt from Firebird Suite) – Yes
Order of The Universe – Yes
Our Song – Yes
Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Yes
Parallels – Yes
Perpetual Change – Yes
Quartet – Yes
Real Love – Yes
Rejoice – Yes
Release – Yes
Release, Release – Yes
Rhythm Of Love – Yes
Ritual (nous Sommes Du Soleil) – Yes
Roundabout – Yes
Run Through The Light – Yes
Run With The Fox – Yes
Saving My Heart – Yes
Seasons of Man – Yes
Shock To The System – Yes
Shoot High Aim Low – Yes
Show Me – Yes
Si – Yes
Siberian Khatru – Yes
Sign Language – Yes
Silent Talking – Yes
Skates – Yes
Soft as a Dove – Yes
Solly’s Beard – Yes
Somehow, Someday – Yes
Something’s Coming – Yes
Soon – Yes
Sound Chaser – Yes
South Side Of The Sky – Yes
Spirit of Survival – Yes
Starship Trooper – Yes
Starship Trooper I: Life Seeker – Yes
Starship Trooper II: Disillusion – Yes
Starship Trooper III: Wurm – Yes
State Of Play – Yes
Survival – Yes
Sweet Dreams – Yes
Sweetness – Yes
Take The Water To The Mountain – Yes
Teakbois – Yes
Tempus Fugit – Yes
That Is – Yes
That, That Is I: Togetherness – Yes
That, That Is Ii: Crossfire – Yes
That, That Is Iii: The Giving Things – Yes
That, That Is Iv: That Is – Yes
That, That Is V: All In – Yes
The Ancient: Giants Under The Sun – Yes
The Calling – Yes
The Clap – Yes
The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) – Yes
The Gates Of Delirium – Yes
The Giving Things – Yes
The Meeting – Yes
The Messenger – Yes
The More We Live – Let Go – Yes
The One – Yes
The Preacher The Teacher – Yes
The Prophet – Yes
The Remembering – Yes
The Remembering: High The Memory – Yes
The Revealing Science Of God – Yes
The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn) – Yes
The Solid Time of Change – Yes
The Solution – Yes
Themes – Yes
Then – Yes
Time & a Word – Yes
Time And A Word – Yes
Time Is Time – Yes
To Be Alive (Hep Yadda) – Yes
To Be Over – Yes
Togetherness – Yes
Total Mass Retain – Yes
True Beginner – Yes
Turn Around and Remember – Yes
Turn Of The Century – Yes
Universal Garden – Yes
Walls – Yes
We Agree – Yes
We Have Heaven – Yes
Where Will You Be – Yes
White Car – Yes
Whitefish – Yes
Without Hope, You Cannot Start The Day – Yes
Wonderlove – Yes
Wonderous Stories – Yes
Yesterday And Today – Yes
Yours Is No Disgrace – Yes

Pink Floyd full list of songs on video

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A Great Day for Freedom – Pink Floyd
A New Machine (Part 1) – Pink Floyd
A New Machine (Part 2) – Pink Floyd
A Saucerful Of Secrets – Pink Floyd
A Spanish Piece – Pink Floyd
A pillow of winds – Pink Floyd
Absolutely Curtains – Pink Floyd
Alan`s Psychedelic Breakfast – Pink Floyd
Another Brick in The Wall – Pink Floyd
Another Brick in The Wall (Part 2) – Pink Floyd
Another Brick in the Wall (Compliation) – Pink Floyd
Another brick in the wall (part 1) – Pink Floyd
Another brick in the wall (part 3) – Pink Floyd
Any Colour You Like – Pink Floyd
Any Colour You Like (Instrumental) – Pink Floyd
Apples & Oranges – Pink Floyd
Arnold Layne – Pink Floyd
Astronomy Domine – Pink Floyd
Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd
Baby Lemonade – Pink Floyd
Biding My Time – Pink Floyd
Bike – Pink Floyd
Brain Damage – Pink Floyd
Breathe – Pink Floyd
Breathe reprise – Pink Floyd
Bring the boys back home – Pink Floyd
Burning bridges – Pink Floyd
Candy And A Currant Bun – Pink Floyd
Careful With That Axe, Eugene – Pink Floyd
Chapter 24 – Pink Floyd
Childhood`s end – Pink Floyd
Cirrus Minor – Pink Floyd
Clowns and Jugglers – Pink Floyd
Cluster One – Pink Floyd
Cluster One (Instrumental) – Pink Floyd
Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up – Pink Floyd
Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
Coming Back to Life – Pink Floyd
Corporal Clegg – Pink Floyd
Country Song – Pink Floyd
Crumbling land – Pink Floyd
Crying Song – Pink Floyd
Cymbaline – Pink Floyd
Dogs – Pink Floyd
Don`t leave me now – Pink Floyd
Dramatic Theme – Pink Floyd
Echoes – Pink Floyd
Eclipse – Pink Floyd
Embryo – Pink Floyd
Empty Spaces (original and What Shall We Do Now?) – Pink Floyd
Empty spaces – Pink Floyd
Fat old sun – Pink Floyd
Fearless – Pink Floyd
Flaming – Pink Floyd
Free Four – Pink Floyd
Get your filthy hands off my desert – Pink Floyd
Gigolo Aunt – Pink Floyd
Golden Hair – Pink Floyd
Goodbye blue sky – Pink Floyd
Goodbye cruel world – Pink Floyd
Grantchester meadows – Pink Floyd
Green is the colour – Pink Floyd
Have a cigar – Pink Floyd
Heart Beat, Pig Meat – Pink Floyd
Hey You – Pink Floyd
High Hopes – Pink Floyd
Ibiza Bar – Pink Floyd
If – Pink Floyd
In the Flesh – Pink Floyd
In the Flesh (II) – Pink Floyd
Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd
Is there anybody out there? – Pink Floyd
It Would Be So Nice – Pink Floyd
Jugband Blues – Pink Floyd
Julia dream – Pink Floyd
Keep Talking – Pink Floyd
Lanky (Part One) – Pink Floyd
Late Night – Pink Floyd
Learning to Fly – Pink Floyd
Let there be more light – Pink Floyd
Let`s Roll Another One – Pink Floyd
Lost for Words – Pink Floyd
Lucifer Sam – Pink Floyd
Main Theme – Pink Floyd
Marooned – Pink Floyd
Marooned (Instrumental) – Pink Floyd
Matilda Mother – Pink Floyd
Money – Pink Floyd
More Blues – Pink Floyd
Mother – Pink Floyd
Mudmen – Pink Floyd
No Good Trying – Pink Floyd
Nobody home – Pink Floyd
Not now John – Pink Floyd
Obscured by Clouds – Pink Floyd
Octopus – Pink Floyd
On The Run – Pink Floyd
On The Turning Away – Pink Floyd
One Slip – Pink Floyd
One of These Days – Pink Floyd
One of my turns – Pink Floyd
One of the few – Pink Floyd
Opel – Pink Floyd
Outside the wall – Pink Floyd
Paint box – Pink Floyd
Paranoid eyes – Pink Floyd
Party Sequence – Pink Floyd
Pigs (3 different ones ) – Pink Floyd
Pigs on the wing (part 1) – Pink Floyd
Pigs on the wing (part 2) – Pink Floyd
Point me at the sky – Pink Floyd
Poles Apart – Pink Floyd
Pow R. Toc H. – Pink Floyd
Proper Education – Pink Floyd
Quicksilver – Pink Floyd
Remember a day – Pink Floyd
Round and Round – Pink Floyd
Round and Round (Instrumental) – Pink Floyd
Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd
San Tropez – Pink Floyd
Seamus – Pink Floyd
See Emily Play – Pink Floyd
See saw – Pink Floyd
Set The Controls for The Heart of The Sun – Pink Floyd
Several Species of Small Furry Animals … – Pink Floyd
Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict – Pink Floyd
Sheep – Pink Floyd
Shine on You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd
Shine on you crazy diamond (part I-V) – Pink Floyd
Shine on you crazy diamond (part VI-IX) – Pink Floyd
Signs of Life – Pink Floyd
Sorrow – Pink Floyd
Southampton dock – Pink Floyd
Speak to Me – Pink Floyd
Stay – Pink Floyd
Stop – Pink Floyd
Summer `68 – Pink Floyd
Swan Lee (Silas Lang) – Pink Floyd
Sysyphus – Pink Floyd
Take It Back – Pink Floyd
Take up the Stethoscope and walk – Pink Floyd
Terminal Frost – Pink Floyd
Terminal Frost (Instrumental) – Pink Floyd
The Dogs of War – Pink Floyd
The Fletcher Memorial Home – Pink Floyd
The Gnome – Pink Floyd
The Grand Vizier`s Garden Party: Part One (Entrance) – Pink Floyd
The Grand Vizier`s Garden Party: Part Three (Exit) – Pink Floyd
The Grand Vizier`s Garden Party: Part Two (Entertainment) – Pink Floyd
The Great Gig in The Sky – Pink Floyd
The Happiest Days of Our Lives – Pink Floyd
The Last Few Bricks – Pink Floyd
The Massed Gadgets of Hercules – Pink Floyd
The Scarecrow – Pink Floyd
The final cut – Pink Floyd
The gold it`s in the…. – Pink Floyd
The gunners dream – Pink Floyd
The hero`s return – Pink Floyd
The narrow way – Pink Floyd
The nile song – Pink Floyd
The post war dream – Pink Floyd
The show must go on – Pink Floyd
The thin ice – Pink Floyd
The trial – Pink Floyd
Time – Pink Floyd
Two suns in the sunset – Pink Floyd
Up the Khyber – Pink Floyd
Us and Them – Pink Floyd
Vegetable Man – Pink Floyd
Vera – Pink Floyd
Waiting for the worms – Pink Floyd
Waving My Arms In The Air/Never Lied To You (continuous) – Pink Floyd
Wearing The Inside out – Pink Floyd
Welcome to the machine – Pink Floyd
What Do You Want from Me – Pink Floyd
What shall we do now – Pink Floyd
When The Tigers Broke Free – Pink Floyd
When You`re In – Pink Floyd
Wined And Dined – Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
Wolfpack – Pink Floyd
Wot`s…uh deal – Pink Floyd
Yet Another Movie – Pink Floyd
Young lust – Pink Floyd
Your possible pasts – Pink Floyd

All Songs of Steely Dan on video

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A Horse in Town – Steely Dan
A Little With Sugar – Steely Dan
Aja – Steely Dan
Almost Gothic – Steely Dan
Android Warehouse – Steely Dan
Any Major Dude Will Tell You – Steely Dan
Any World (That I`m Welcome To) – Steely Dan
Babylon Sisters – Steely Dan
Bad Sneakers – Steely Dan
Barrytown – Steely Dan
Black Cow – Steely Dan
Black Friday – Steely Dan
Blues Beach – Steely Dan
Bodhisattva – Steely Dan
Book of Liars – Steely Dan
Brain Tap Shuffle – Steely Dan
Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer under Me) – Steely Dan
Caves of Altamira – Steely Dan
Chain Lightning – Steely Dan
Change of The Guard – Steely Dan
Charlie Freak – Steely Dan
Come Back Baby – Steely Dan
Countermoon – Steely Dan
Cousin Dupree – Steely Dan
Cringemaker – Steely Dan
Daddy Don`t Live in That New York City No More – Steely Dan
Deacon Blues – Steely Dan
Dirty Work – Steely Dan
Do It Again – Steely Dan
Doctor Wu – Steely Dan
Don`t Take Me Alive – Steely Dan
Down in The Bottom – Steely Dan
Dr Wu – Steely Dan
East St. Louis Toodle-Oo – Steely Dan
Everyone`s Gone to The Movies – Steely Dan
Everything Must Go – Steely Dan
Everything You Did – Steely Dan
FM – Steely Dan
Fire in The Hole – Steely Dan
Florida Room – Steely Dan
Gaslighting Abbie – Steely Dan
Gaucho – Steely Dan
Girlfriend – Steely Dan
Glamor Profession – Steely Dan
Glamour Profession – Steely Dan
Godwhacker – Steely Dan
Green Book – Steely Dan
Green Earrings – Steely Dan
Green Flower Street – Steely Dan
Haitian Divorce – Steely Dan
Hard up Case – Steely Dan
Hat Too Flat – Steely Dan
Hey Nineteen – Steely Dan
Home At Last – Steely Dan
I Got The News – Steely Dan
I.g.y. – Steely Dan
Jack of Speed – Steely Dan
Janie Runaway – Steely Dan
Josie – Steely Dan
Junkie Girl – Steely Dan
Kid Charlemagne – Steely Dan
King of The World – Steely Dan
Kings – Steely Dan
Little Kawai – Steely Dan
Lucky Henry – Steely Dan
Lunch with Gina – Steely Dan
Maxine – Steely Dan
Medical Science – Steely Dan
Midnight Cruiser – Steely Dan
Monkey in Your Soul – Steely Dan
More to Come – Steely Dan
My Old School – Steely Dan
My Rival – Steely Dan
My Waterloo – Steely Dan
Negative Girl – Steely Dan
New Frontier – Steely Dan
Night by Night – Steely Dan
Old Regime – Steely Dan
On The Dunes – Steely Dan
Only a Fool Would Say That – Steely Dan
Parker`s Band – Steely Dan
Pearl of The Quarter – Steely Dan
Peg – Steely Dan
Pixeleen – Steely Dan
Pretzel Logic – Steely Dan
Razor Boy – Steely Dan
Reelin` in The Years – Steely Dan
Rikki Don`t Lose That Number – Steely Dan
Rose Darling – Steely Dan
Ruby Baby – Steely Dan
Show Biz Kids – Steely Dan
Sign in Stranger – Steely Dan
Slang of Ages – Steely Dan
Snowbound – Steely Dan
Soul Ram – Steely Dan
Springtime – Steely Dan
Surf And/or Die – Steely Dan
Take It Out on Me – Steely Dan
Teahouse On The Tracks – Steely Dan
The Boston Rag – Steely Dan
The Fez – Steely Dan
The Goodbye Look – Steely Dan
The Last Mall – Steely Dan
The Nightfly – Steely Dan
The Nightgly – Steely Dan
The Roaring of the Lamb – Steely Dan
The Royal Scam – Steely Dan
Things I Miss The Most – Steely Dan
Third World Man – Steely Dan
This Moody Bastard – Steely Dan
This Seat`s Been Taken – Steely Dan
Through with Buzz – Steely Dan
Throw Back The Little Ones – Steely Dan
Time out of Mind – Steely Dan
Tomorrow`s Girls – Steely Dan
Trans-Island Skyway – Steely Dan
Turn That Heartbeat over Again – Steely Dan
Two Against Nature – Steely Dan
Walk Between The Raindrops – Steely Dan
West of Hollywood – Steely Dan
What a Shame About Me – Steely Dan
With a Gun – Steely Dan
Yellow Peril – Steely Dan
You Go Where I Go – Steely Dan
Your Gold Teeth – Steely Dan

The songs of Queen on video

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(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care – Queen
39 (May) – Queen
A Human Body – Queen
A Kind Of Magic – Queen
A Winter’s Tale – Queen
Action This Day – Queen
All Dead All Dead – Queen
All God’s People – Queen
Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
April Lady – Queen
Arboria (Planet Of The Tree Men) – Queen
Back Chat – Queen
Back To The Light – Queen
Barcelona – Queen
Battle Themes – Queen
Bet Your Bottom Dollar Bill You’re A Playboy – Queen
Bicycle Race – Queen
Big Bad Caused A Mighty Fine Sensation – Queen
Big Spender – Queen
Bijou – Queen
Blag – Queen
Blurred Vision – Queen
Body Count – Queen
Body Language – Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Breakthru – Queen
Brighton Rock – Queen
Bring Back That Leroy Brown – Queen
C-lebrity – Queen
Call Me – Queen
Calling All Girls – Queen
Calling You – Queen
Chinese Torture – Queen
Coming Soon – Queen
Contact – Queen
Cool Cat – Queen
Cosmos Rockin’ – Queen
Cowboys And Indians – Queen
Crash Dive On Mingo City – Queen
Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen
Dancer – Queen
Dead On Time – Queen
Dear Friends – Queen
Death On Two Legs – Queen
Delilah – Queen
Dog With A Bone – Queen
Doing All Right – Queen
Don’t Lose Your Head – Queen
Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen
Don’t Try So Hard – Queen
Don’t Try Suicide – Queen
Dragon Attack – Queen
Dreamers Ball – Queen
Driven By You – Queen
Drowse – Queen
Earth – Queen
Escape From The Swamp – Queen
Execution Of Flash – Queen
Exercises In Free Love – Queen
Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen
Father To Son – Queen
Fight From The Inside – Queen
Flash (Flash’s Theme) – Queen
Flash To The Rescue – Queen
Flash’s Theme – Queen
Flick Of The Wrist – Queen
Follin’ Around – Queen
Football Fight – Queen
Friends Will Be Friends – Queen
Fun It – Queen
Funny How Love Is – Queen
Get Down Make Love – Queen
Gimme Some Lovin’ – Queen
Gimme The Prize – Queen
God Save The Queen – Queen
Going Back – Queen
Good Company – Queen
Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy – Queen
Great King Rat – Queen
Hammer To Fall – Queen
Hang On In There – Queen
Headlong – Queen
Heaven For Everyone – Queen
Hello Mary Lou – Queen
Hijack My Heart – Queen
How Can I Go – Queen
Human Body – Queen
I Can Hear Music – Queen
I Can’t Live With You – Queen
I Go Crazy – Queen
I Want It All – Queen
I Want To Break Free – Queen
I Was Born To Love You – Queen
I’m Going Slightly Mad – Queen
I’m In Love With My Car – Queen
If You Can’t Beat Them – Queen
Impromptu – Queen
In My Defence – Queen
In Only Seven Days – Queen
In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise) – Queen
In The Lap Of The Gods – Queen
In The Space Capsule (The Love Theme) – Queen
Innuendo – Queen
Is Everybody Happy? – Queen
Is This The World We Created ? – Queen
It’s A Beautiful Day – Queen
It’s A Hard Life – Queen
It’s Late – Queen
Jealousy – Queen
Jesus – Queen
Keep Passing The Open Windows – Queen
Keep Yourself Alive – Queen
Khashoggi’s Ship – Queen
Killer – Queen
Killer Queen – Queen
Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love) – Queen
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon – Queen
Leaving Home Ain’t Easy – Queen
Let Me Entertain You – Queen
Let Me Live – Queen
Let’s Turn It On – Queen
Liar – Queen
Life Is Real (Song For Lennon) – Queen
Lily Of The Valley – Queen
Living On My Own – Queen
Long Away – Queen
Lost Opportunity – Queen
Love Kills – Queen
Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked Wily Waitress) – Queen
Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow – Queen
Love Of My Life – Queen
Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal) – Queen
Machines (Or ‘Back To Humans’) – Queen
Mad The Swine – Queen
Made In Heaven – Queen
Man Made Paradise – Queen
Man On The Prowl – Queen
March Of The Black Queen – Queen
Marriage Of Dale And Ming (And Flash Approaching) – Queen
Ming’s Theme (In The Court Of Ming The Merciless) – Queen
Misfire – Queen
Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll – Queen
More Of That Jazz – Queen
Mother Love – Queen
Mr. Bad Guy – Queen
Mr. Roboto – Queen
Mustapha – Queen
My Baby Does Me – Queen
My Fairy King – Queen
My Life Has Been Saved – Queen
My Melancholy Blues – Queen
Need Your Loving Tonight – Queen
Nevermore – Queen
No-One But You – Queen
Now I’m Here – Queen
Ogre Battle – Queen
One Vision – Queen
One Year Of Love – Queen
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure – Queen
Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone – Queen
Party – Queen
Play The Game – Queen
Polar Bear – Queen
Princes Of The Universe – Queen
Procession – Queen
Put Out The Fire – Queen
Queen of Groucho – Queen
Radio Ga Ga – Queen
Rain Must Fall – Queen
Ride The Wild Wind – Queen
Rock It (Prime Jive) – Queen
Rough Justice – Queen
Runaway – Queen
Sail Away Sweet Sister (to the sister I never had) – Queen
Save Me – Queen
Say It’s Not True – Queen
Scandal – Queen
Seaside Rendezvous – Queen
See What A Fool I’ve Been – Queen
Seven Seas Of Rhye – Queen
She Blows Hot And Cold – Queen
She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettoes) – Queen
Sheer Heart Attack – Queen
Shove It – Queen
Sleeping On The Sidewalk – Queen
Small – Queen
Some Day One Day – Queen
Some Things That Glitter – Queen
Somebody To Love – Queen
Son And Daughter – Queen
Soon It’s Round Your Street I’m Creeping – Queen
Soul Brother – Queen
Spread Your Wings – Queen
Stand Up For Love – Queen
Staying Power – Queen
Stealin’ – Queen
Step On Me – Queen
Still Burnin’ – Queen
Stone Cold Crazy – Queen
Stop All The Fighting – Queen
Surf’s Up… School’s Out! – Queen
Sweet Lady – Queen
Tear It Up – Queen
Tenement Funster – Queen
Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together) – Queen
Thank God It’s Christmas – Queen
The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke – Queen
The Great Pretender – Queen
The Hero – Queen
The Hitman – Queen
The Invisible Man – Queen
The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash) – Queen
The Loser In The End – Queen
The March Of The Black Queen – Queen
The Millionaire Waltz – Queen
The Miracle – Queen
The Night Comes Down – Queen
The Prophet’s Song – Queen
The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction Of Dale) – Queen
The Show Must Go On – Queen
The Wedding March – Queen
These Are The Days Of Our Lives – Queen
Through The Night – Queen
Tie Your Mother Down – Queen
Time – Queen
Time To Shine – Queen
Too Much Love Will Kill You – Queen
Tutti Frutti – Queen
Under Pressure – Queen
Under Pressure (with David Bowie) – Queen
Voodoo – Queen
Vultan’s Theme (Attack Of The Hawk Men) – Queen
Warboys – Queen
Was It All Worth It – Queen
We Are The Champions – Queen
We Believe – Queen
We Will Rock You – Queen
White Man – Queen
White Queen (As It Began) – Queen
Who Needs You – Queen
Who Wants To Live Forever – Queen
You And I – Queen
You Don’t Fool Me – Queen
You Take My Breath Away – Queen
You’re My Best Friend – Queen
Your Kind Of Lover – Queen

The Doors All Song List on Video

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(You Need Meat) Don`t Go No Further – The Doors
4 Billion Souls – The Doors
A Feast of Friends – The Doors
A Little Game – The Doors
A Twentieth Century Fox – The Doors
Adolph Hitler – The Doors
Alabama Song – The Doors
Albinoni’s Adagio In G Minor – The Doors
American Night – The Doors
An American Prayer – The Doors
An American Prayer / Hour For Magic / Freedom Exists / A Feast Of Friends – The Doors
Angels and Sailors – The Doors
Awake – The Doors
Awake Ghost Song – The Doors
Away In India – The Doors
Baby Please Don`t Go – The Doors
Babylon Fading – The Doors
Back Door Man – The Doors
Been Down So Long – The Doors
Bellowing – The Doors
Bird of Prey – The Doors
Black Polished Chrome – The Doors
Black Train Song – The Doors
Blue Sunday – The Doors
Break on Through (to The Other Side) – The Doors
Build Me a Woman – The Doors
C`mon Everybody – The Doors
Carol – The Doors
Cars Hiss by My Window – The Doors
Celebration of The Lizard – The Doors
Close to You – The Doors
Crawling King Snake – The Doors
Crossroads – The Doors
Crystal Ship – The Doors
Curses, Invocation – The Doors
Curses, Invocations – The Doors
Dawn`s Highway – The Doors
Dead Cats, Dead Rats – The Doors
Do It – The Doors
Don`t Go No Farther – The Doors
Down on The Farm – The Doors
Easy Ride – The Doors
End of The Night – The Doors
Five to One – The Doors
Freedom Exists – The Doors
Get up and Dance – The Doors
Ghost Song – The Doors
Gloria – The Doors
Go Insane – The Doors
Good Rockin` – The Doors
Graveyard Poem – The Doors
Hang on to Your Life – The Doors
Hardwood Floor – The Doors
Hello to The Cities – The Doors
Hello, I Love You – The Doors
Heroin – The Doors
Horse Latitudes – The Doors
Horse Latitudes – The Doors
Hour for Magic – The Doors
House Announcer – The Doors
Hyacinth House – The Doors
I Can`t See Your Face in My Mind – The Doors
I Looked at You – The Doors
I Will Never Be Untrue – The Doors
I`m A King Bee – The Doors
I`m Horny, I`m Stoned – The Doors
In The Eye of The Sun – The Doors
Indian Summer – The Doors
It Slipped My Mind – The Doors
L.A. Woman – The Doors
L`america – The Doors
Lament – The Doors
Land Ho! – The Doors
Latino Chrome – The Doors
Light My Fire – The Doors
Light My Fire (including Graveyard Poem) – The Doors
Lions In The Street – The Doors
Little Red Rooster – The Doors
Love Her Madly – The Doors
Love Hides – The Doors
Love Me Two Times – The Doors
Love Street – The Doors
Maggie M`Gill – The Doors
Mental Floss – The Doors
Money – The Doors
Moonlight Drive – The Doors
Moonlight Drive (Sunset Sound) – The Doors
Mosquito – The Doors
My Eyes Have Seen You – The Doors
My Wild Love – The Doors
Mystery Train – The Doors
Names of The Kingdom – The Doors
Newborn Awakening – The Doors
No Me Moleste Mosquito – The Doors
Not to Touch The Earth – The Doors
Orange County Suite – The Doors
Peace Frog – The Doors
Peace Frog/Blue Sunday – The Doors
Peking King and The New York Queen – The Doors
People Are Strange – The Doors
Petition The Lord with Prayer – The Doors
Piano Bird – The Doors
Poontang Blues – The Doors
Queen of The Highway – The Doors
Riders on The Storm – The Doors
Roadhouse Blues – The Doors
Rock Me – The Doors
Rock is Dead – The Doors
Runnin` Blue – The Doors
Shaman`s Blues – The Doors
Ship of Fools – The Doors
Ships W/Sails – The Doors
Someday Soon – The Doors
Soul Kitchen – The Doors
Spanish Caravan – The Doors
St. James Infirmary – The Doors
Stoned Immaculate – The Doors
Strange Days – The Doors
Summer`s Almost Gone – The Doors
Sunday Trucker – The Doors
Take It As It Comes – The Doors
Tell All The People – The Doors
Texas Radio And The Big Beat – The Doors
The Celebration of The Lizard – The Doors
The Changeling – The Doors
The Cosmic Movie – The Doors
The Crystal Ship – The Doors
The End – The Doors
The Ghost Song – The Doors
The Hill Dwellers – The Doors
The Hitchhiker – The Doors
The Movie – The Doors
The Palace of Exile – The Doors
The Soft Parade – The Doors
The Spy – The Doors
The Unknown Soldier – The Doors
The Wasp – The Doors
The World on Fire – The Doors
Tightrope Ride – The Doors
To Come of Age – The Doors
Touch Me – The Doors
Twentieth Century Fox – The Doors
Unhappy Girl – The Doors
Universal Mind – The Doors
Unknown Soldier – The Doors
Variety is The Spice of Life – The Doors
Verdilac – The Doors
Waiting for The Sun – The Doors
Wake up – The Doors
Wandering Musician – The Doors
We Could Be So Good Together – The Doors
When The Music`s over – The Doors
Whiskey, Mystics and Men – The Doors
Who Do You Love? – The Doors
Who Scared You – The Doors
Wild Child – The Doors
Wintertime Love – The Doors
Wishful Sinful – The Doors
Woman Is A Devil – The Doors
World On Fire – The Doors
Yes, The River Knows – The Doors
You Make Me Real – The Doors
You`re Lost Little Girl – The Doors